Zaid Ali Faces A bad Accident, Ask Fans For Prayers

Zaid Ali is a Canadian-born Pakistani YouTuber and comedian who has a huge fan following all over the world. Zaid Ali is very popular all over the world because of his funny videos. They act in their videos in such a way that today’s new generation is very impress by them. He also stay connected with their fans through their social media. A few days ago, Zaid Ali faces a bad accident, ask fans for prayers. Zaid Ali informed his fans about this news through social media. He also told his fans that past few days proved to be a very difficult day for me. About this accident, he told his fans that I got an injury on my head few days ago.

Due to this injury I was in a bad condition and because of this I was bleeding a lot. I was unhappy when this accident happened. After that, when I was relieved, the doctors told me that you are lucky that you did not have a brain injury and that you did not bleed internally. Another thing he mentioned about this situation is that I remember the day when I got this injury. The severity of it still makes me shiver. After Zaid Ali faces a bad accident he also ask fans for prayers.

Due to the intensity of this pain, I used to pray that Please God, take everything from me, just take me away from this pain. Zaid Ali further advised his fans that after this incident I realized that health is a great blessing that we do not take care of and ignore. When we get an injury, etc. only then we think about it. The doctor advised Zaid Ali that as long as I take care of myself, I will recover completely soon, but it will take a few months for complete recovery.

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