You Tube introduces a New feature podcast homepage

As YouTube keeps introducing new features to its users every day which are very beneficial for everyone. Recently, YouTube introduced a new feature in which it was linked to Shopify so that the users easily do shopping. This time too, a similar feature has been introduced. Due to this new feature of YouTube, Spotify may face a lot of competition, but this feature is currently only limited to the United States. It is hoped that soon this new feature will spread to other countries as well. You Tube introduces a new feature podcast homepage for its users.

After this new feature, when American users go to YouTube podcast, they will see the new podcast button. By using of this button we can easily see the trending podcast here. Here will be the podcasts and channels that have millions of views. If we compare it with other streaming platforms, then they are better in this respect, but if we talk about YouTube, then it has its own important role. YouTube’s new feature podcast is becoming popular around the world. Before that, Apple introduced the podcast feature worldwide in 2005. After a long time, this feature was introduced by Spotify in 2019. Many movie stars also played an important role in promoting this but now You Tube introduces a new feature podcast homepage. Now let’s see what YouTube introduces in this new feature.

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