Top 5 Pakistani Sweet Dishes To Make Easily

As you know Pakistan is known as the land of food, because the food of Pakistan has a different level in the whole world. They have no competition in the whole world. When foreigners come to the land of Pakistan, the thing that impresses them the most is the food of Pakistan, which is not available anywhere in the world. Now these dishes have become items like Rice, Mutton, Karahi, BBQ but the sweet dishes of Pakistan have no competition in the world. Whoever ate these dishes was just waiting for when he would eat it again. There is such a special thing in this that the one who eats these dishes becomes addicted to them. By the way, only some people like sweet, but these dishes likes by all. You will be teach about 5 Pakistani Sweet Dishes that we can make at home.

Along with this, they can also do so that when they have to add sugar, they take out their portion without sugar separately. These sweet dishes are usually choose when there is a function in the house. It is also necessary to have a sweet dish on weddings, without it, the wedding ceremony cannot be complete. When there is Eid occasion etc then every house chooses a sweet dish according to their taste. Today i will tell you bout the Top 5 Pakistani sweet dishes to make easily at home. These 5 Pakistani sweet dishes that you can make at home makes your table more beautiful and elegant. You can choose them on Eids and family functions as well and make your table elegant and beautiful with it. The recipes of top 5 Pakistani sweet dishes to make easily at home are as following :

Fruit Custard

When it comes to sweet dishes, custard is very important. Whenever there is a function etc. in the houses and guests etc. have come, the choice of dessert along with the food is definitely selected. Now the elders of the house eat it, but the younger ones rarely eat sweets. Now everyone’s effort is to make a dish that can be easily eaten by adults as well as children.

Custard is the first choice for such a dish. But today you will be taught how to make custard in a different way. By the way, the usual custard that we make at home is easily made. You can get a packet of different flavors from the market. It is prepared by heating milk and adding sweets etc. Further we can also add almonds or cake biscuits etc. but today the method of custard that will be told to you is fruit custard as it is named.

Recipe Of Fruit Custard

Add a cup of powdered milk to the milk. Now cook both of them well so that both are mixed well. By using powdered milk, the milk will start smelling and the milk will also be curdled. Take a packet of cream. Add the custard powder to it, now add it to the milk, mix well for 15 to 20 minutes, then cut all these fruits finely. Now cut all these fruits finely, like bananas, apples, watermelons, peaches, cherries, etc.

Now after cutting all these fruits, keep them in a dish separately. Then add custard milk in this dish. Now take some dry fruits and cut them finely. Now add a layer of dry fruits after the fruits and again add the custard milk. After that, your fruit custard is ready. Now before serving to the guests, take the cake or biscuits and cut them into small pieces and put them on top of the custard. This will make the custard more delicious and everyone will love it.

Ras Malai

Ras malai is a type of dessert. There are few people who do not eat ras malai. After Ras Gula, Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai is the most commonly use dessert item. Its special feature is that like other sweets, children and elders eat it with great passion. On the occasion of weddings, either laddu or ras malai selects and ras malai is also eat as sweet dish with the meal.

Ingredients Of Ras Malai

  • Four cups of milk
  • Four crushed elachi
  • One cup of sugar
  • Dry milk
  • Chopped pista
  • One egg
  • Baking powder
  • One teaspoon of flour

Recipe Of Ras Malai

First of all, take four cups of milk. Add four elachi and one cup of sugar to it. Now cook it for some time. Now mix baking powder and flour in a cup of dry milk. Mix all these ingredients well. After mixing, add a spoon of ghee to it and mix it well. After mixing, add the egg and then again mix it. Make small ras malai of this mixture. Now make small rasa malai of this mixture.

Put these rasa malai in boiling milk and cook for five minutes on low flame. When it is ready, take it off from fire. Now the ras malai is ready. Now put them in a serving plate and keep them in the fridge or outside to cool down. When it cools down, add finely chopped pistas or almonds on it. Very tasty and delicious ras malai is ready to serve after food.

Sheer Khurma

If Sheer Khurma declares the status of the national sweet dish of Pakistan, it will not be wrong. Sheer Khurma makes in every house in Pakistan. Children always have the name of sheer Khurma on their faces. In any wedding or home function in Pakistan, selection of sheer khurma is mandatory. Along with this, sweets makes in every house on Eids occasion and the most popular dish that can make is sheer khurma. The process of making it is very simple. If you have a feast at your house and want to choose a sweet dish with the meal, Sher Kharma is the best.

Ingredients Of Sheer Khurma

  • Sawaiyan
  • Milk
  • Almonds
  • Pista
  • Khismish
  • Coconut
  • Elachi
  • One Kg Sugar
  • Desi Ghee one Tablespoon
  • Chohare
  • A few drops of spirit

Recipe Of Sheer Khurma

First of all, chop the almonds, coconut, pista and the rest of the ingredients into small pieces. Take water in a pot and put it on fire. When the water is hot, add the sawaiyan to it and boil for five minutes. Now filter this water in a sieve. Now take another pot, add milk in it and cook it till it boils. Add chohare to it. When the milk is half cook, add elachi and ghee to it. Then add the sawaiyan. Along with almonds, pistas, khismish, and take it off. Now your delicious sheer khurma is ready. Now sprinkle a few drops of yellow spirit before serving and serve it with the food and everyone will enjoy it.

Suji Ka Halwa

Halwa is also important in sweet dish. The most special thing is that children eat halwa with great passion. The special thing about it is that children who eat less food can also be given halwa. Halwa Puri is also consider as a special breakfast in Pakistan. Some people eat puri with chickpeas, but with halwa, its taste is more delicious.

Ingredients Of Suji Ka Halwa

  • Suji
  • One cup
  • Sugar as required
  • Ghee One cup
  • Four or Five elachi
  • Khoya
  • Eight to ten Almonds
  • Fruits
  • Khismish

Recipe Of Suji Ka Halwa

First take the water in a pot and boil it well. Now add elachi to it. Add sugar as required. Now boil the water for five to ten minutes and aded suji to water. When the water starts to dry up and the suji looks thick, then add ghee and cook it. Now Khoya is up to you. Do you like it or not? Now the halwa is ready. Now to serve, first finely chop the almonds and add it along with fruits or khismish, it will increase its taste.

Firni or Kheer

Firni or Kheer is also one of the most delicious sweet dishes in every Pakistani wedding. It is kept as a sweet dish in every wedding in Pakistan. Carrot halwa in winter and firni or kheer in summer are very popular in Pakistan. If firni is called special sweet dish of summer then it will not be wrong.

Ingredients Of Firni Or Kheer

  • Sugar One cup
  • Rice Five tablespoons
  • Almonds
  • Pistas
  • Silver foil
  • Five elachi
  • Coconuts finely chopped.

Recipe Of Firni Or Kheer

First grind the rice well, then add elachi to the milk and boil it well. When it boils, add the ground rice to it. Now cook this milk on low heat and keep stirring it with a spoon so that the firni does not burn. Now grind the almonds finely and add them to the milk and mix them. When the color of the milk changes, add the sugar. When the firni is well cooked, remove it from the fire. Now take the firni out in a bowl and keep it to freeze. Garnish it with almond, pista, coconut and silver foil when serving. It will make it taste even more delicious and will be loved by the diners.

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