Top 10 Summer Drinks That Can Easily Make At Home

Nowadays summer is here and you know that the heat is also in full force. In hot season there is a frequent feeling of thirst whenever someone enters the house from outside, he first asks for cold water or cold drink. In the summer season, there are many times that even drinking water or cold drinks does not quench thirst. When guests come to our house, we serve cold drinks etc. to them. Children like cold drinks very much, but most of the adults avoid it. Cold drinks makes from ingredients that are harmful to human health. I will teach you how to make 10 best summer drinks at home and make the heat away. You can make these 10 best summer drinks at home quickly and serve to the guests.

Sweetness is used so much in it that it is no less than poison for diabetic patients, so be it summer or winter or autumn or spring cold drinks should be avoided in every season. If you must drink for your guests or yourself in summer, use drinks that have natural benefits. These drinks have natural benefits that are very important for human health. The most benefit of consuming these drinks will be that the intensity of thirst will decrease, you will feel refreshed and naturally. So today I will talk about 10 summer drinks which are easily make at home. There drinks are best and beneficial for summer. You can also serve these drinks in front of guests. You can make these 10 best summer drinks at home easily and serve at any feasts or family gathering. The special thing about these drinks is that they will be enjoyed by adults as well as children. The natural benefits found in them will benefit adults and children alike. The top 10 summer drinks you can make at home easily are as following:

Mint Margarita

The most loved summer drink is the mint margarita. This drink is one of the most loved drinks by adults and kids alike. Mint margarita fans look forward to the summer season because of this. This drink is also used to serve to guests and is used as a drink in many feasts and weddings. We can make mint margarita at home very easily and quickly. The way to make it is very easy, it uses mint, lemon, ice, black pepper and sprite. Grind the mint and break the ice in it, then add sprite to it, add lemon and a little black pepper and your mint margarita is ready. It is very beneficial and useful for digestion. It contains mint in high quantity, therefore it is very useful for stomach and digestion.

Sugarcane juice

One of the most common items found in summer is also a sugarcane. The greatest gift of summer is sugarcane juice. Many people just wait for summer so that they can drink sugarcane juice. There are many natural benefits found in sugarcane which are very necessary and beneficial for human health. The natural minerals present in it are essential for human health in all respects. Glucose, carbohydrate, magnesium and calcium are abundantly found in sugarcane juice.

In summer, when you are feeling tired and the body is suffering from heat, in such a case sugarcane juice can give you relief and refreshment. Nothing can be better than sugarcane juice to get rid of jaundice. Jaundice causes the body to turn yellow and the glucose deficiency becomes too much. The natural glucose present in sugarcane removes this deficiency.

Sattu Drink

Sattu drink is also one of the special drinks of summer. Even now, many people use sattu with passion. It is not so popular in the cities, but if you go to the village, people there still use sattu with great passion. It also plays an important role in providing freshness to the body in the hot season. Sattu has many natural benefits, but it contains a lot of fiber, which is very useful in relieving constipation and abdominal pain. In summer, when one sweats more, due to this, the body becomes dehydrated. It is very useful in filling the lack of water in the body, which makes you feel tired and dizzy. It also makes very easily and quickly. Some people make sattu with sugar and some people make with shakar. The sattu make with shakar is more delicious as compare to the other one.

Buttermilk and lassi

Buttermilk and Lassi is one of the most commonly used drinks in summer. In summer, lassi is consider as a heat killer. Buttermilk or Lassi in the morning with breakfast, lassi with lunch, lassi at night and lassi at bedtime are used very often. In hot season, when you feel thirsty again and again, drinking a glass of lassi or buttermilk quenches your thirst. Lassi makes from yogurt and yogurt has mineral strength. It contains mineral benefits like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Calcium and Protein which are very important for human health. Consuming lassi helps to eliminate dehydration, fatigue and weakness. Lassi plays a very important role in relieving dehydration and salt deficiency in summer.

Detox Water

This is a soda water which contains zero calories. It is very important to use it to keep the skin fresh in summer. Its use will give a natural glow to the skin and face and will remove all blemishes from the face. This is an excellent drink for the summer season. It gives relief in hot summer season and removes the heat from our stomach. It is also very easy to make it. To make it, take cucumbers, mint, ginger and put it in every water. Your detox water is ready. Use after some time. You can also add cherry, peach or strawberry in it to get a different flavor. All you have to do is mix the ingredients of your choice with carbonated water and the soda water is ready for you to enjoy.

Sharbat Badam

Almond is a very popular fruit. Both adults and children eat it with great passion. Its temperament is hotter, so most of the almonds are used as dry fruit in winter. Some people also use almonds in summer, but the method of using it in summer is a little different. Soak the almonds in water and remove the skin from it, it will cool the temperament of almond. It has many benefits for human health. It preserves all the forces of human life. Almonds have a lot of benefits, but there are some benefits that make it superior to everything else.

There are such natural benefits in almonds that provide a lot of strength to the eyes and mind. Many people complain of dry cough, for this sharbat badam is a very good remedy. Some people have dropsy disease after urination. It can be cure by using sharbat badam. Protects the face from blemishes and makes it beautiful. Prevents constipation. As compared to other sharbat, it takes more effort to make sharbat badam. Soak the almonds overnight, peel them and then grind them well. In this way, sardai is made and by this process, sharbat badam is also ready.

Sharbat Sandal

Sandal is the name of a tree whose wood is very woody and useful. The nature of the sandal wood is dry as well as it also cold. Due to this property, when we use it in extreme heat, it gives us relief and refreshment. It refreshes both the heart and the mind. Its use keeps the stomach and liver healthy. It removes the obvious symptoms due to weakness. Its use not only benefits the brain, but it also calms the memory and mind, making it strong.

The biggest benefit of sharbat sandal in summer is that because of the heat, if people feel dizzy or weak then it is best for them. When the children come from school they also feel tired and dizzy because of the heat, then there is nothing better than sharbat sandal for them. By using it, headache will also be relieved. This will also eliminate the heat in the liver and stomach easily. Sharbat sandal is prepared by drying the sandalwood and dipping it in the extract for all night.

Sharbat Elaichi

Elaichi is a fruit with a very good smell. Its temperament is hot and dry, its use creates softness in the nature. It has many benefits but one benefit is very important. Its use eliminates sweat and body odor in summer. And it gives our body such strength that our body and sweat feel the fragrance. Gives strength and makes the heart and stomach strong. It also relieves sudden headaches, prevents heart damage.

By using sharbat elaichi mixed with sharbat sakaanjabeen, it gives strength to the liver. Regular chewing of elaichi in the mouth gives strength to the lentils and this process strengthens the lentils. Its use keeps the stomach clean and also helps to digest food quickly. Chew a elaichi in your mouth immediately after eating. In a short time, the food will be digested. Sharbat elacihi in summer gets rid of the bad smell of sweat. Mix elaichi in rose water overnight and then keep it on a low heat and then use it like a normal sharbat.

Falsa Sharbat

Falsa is one of the most popular summer fruits. It is a sweet and delicious fruit. Both children and adults eat this fruit with great passion. Its temperament is cold and dry. There are many natural benefits in falsa. It provides strength to the heart, stomach and liver. For those people who have high heat in their nature, falsa is very beneficial for them. If the heart is damaged, dizziness and the body feels tense, it can be removed by using falsa sharbat.

Due to heat, the heat beat become faster. False syrup is very useful to control it. During the hot season, most of the people have burning sensation while urinating. By using of falsa sharbat It removes heat easily and removes unnecessary heat from the body. For people who have diabetes and blood pressure, phalsa is a great boon. It plays an important role in controlling sugar and relieves indigestion. Take fresh falsa and put it in water overnight and it will make sharbat.

Strawberry Colada

In summer we all should consume smoothies as much as possible. It is very useful and beneficial in removing heat and providing complete relaxation. The reasons for using it are that it is the best season to make many types of smoothies due to seasonal fruits like cherry, watermelon, guava, mango, etc. The specialty of this drink is Greek yogurt.

The method of making it is a little more difficult than the usual drink. To make it: 10 to 20 strawberries, 3 chopped pineapples, Greek yogurt, 1 and a half cups of coconut milk. Now put the ingredients in a blender mix all the ingredients well and blend well this will mix all the ingredients well and make a perfect and delicious strawberry colada.

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