TikTok fastest growing news source for teens in UK

In the present time, many entertainment apps have been introduced from which people get entertainment. Among these apps, the most used app is also TikTok. Judging by the present time, today’s young generation is trending in this direction very fast. People make different types of videos on it and upload it on this app. This app is very trending nowadays. This app is mostly consider as entertainment app but the shocking news is that British people are using it to listen to news and aware from the current situation around the globe. The British regulator company has also conducted a survey and reviewed this matter. According to this survey, it is clear that in 2020 the rate of people using it was 1% and at present this rate has reached 7%. According to this survey, TikTok fastest growing news source for teens in UK.

If we talk about the United States as well young boys and girls of all generations born between 1997 and 2012 used to use Google to get all the news. They used to be aware of all the news on this, but now the world has also changed. Now people are using TkTok app for fashion, news and other kind of entertainment. If we talk about young children from 15 to 18 years etc they are more inclined towards social media. Among all these things Youtube, TikTok, Instagram etc are among the most used on the social media. In today’s era, the young generation is not watching TV to be aware of the news and the country’s situation, but instead they are aware of the current situation through social media apps. According to the survey, this trend will accelerate in the coming years. But at present time TikTok fastest growing news source for teens in UK.

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