Simple Saliva Test May Help To Predict The Breast Cancer

Cancer is a disease in which certain cells of the body travel to other parts of the body. This is a fatal disease that can start from any part of the body. Cancer-like disease occurs when old cells, instead of dying, become uncontrollable and gradually develop into a number of tumors called tumors. Most cancers start with the tumor but some can develop without the cancerous tumor. Simple saliva test may help to predict the breast cancer.

Different Method Of Diagnosing Of Cancer

There are many cases of cancer in the world today. The disease like cancer can affect any man or woman. But at present cancer is one of the biggest diseases affecting women. The disease is not restrict to one country but is locate all over the world. There is a different method of diagnosing each type of cancer. There are tests such as Computerized Tomography CT Scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI, Nuclear Scan, Bone Scan, Mammograms, Ultrasound, X-ray etc to diagnose cancer easily.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is slightly different from other cancers and its diagnostic method is also different. According to the modern study, simple saliva test help tp predict the breast cancer. Simple saliva test may help to predict the breast cancer. Saliva test can also predict the mouth and throat cancer. A saliva test help to recognize breast cancer in women. Through which it may be detect with the disease in the next few years. Through this test, the lives of thousands of women under the age of 50 can be rescue.

Julia Michele Bradbury, a presenter on the English television BBC and ITV, was determine with the cancer at age 51. This test is especially helpful in diagnosing breast cancer in women under the age of 50. Simple saliva test may help to predict the breast cancer. Simple saliva test was performed on about two and a half thousand women who were at risk of developing breast cancer. After 10 years of continuous monitoring, about 644 out of two and a half thousand women were rescue with breast cancer. Saliva test diagnosed breast cancer in about 50% of women who later developed the disease.

Gareth Evans

Gareth Evans, a professor at the University of Manchester who led the research, said that if women with cancer were given timely medication, a quarter of breast cancer could be prevented. In this way, the lives of thousands of women can be rescue from this disease every year. Young women in the UK are not provided with the official facility of mammogram. Hundreds of women’s lives can be rescue every year if saliva test facility is provided. Simple Saliva Test facility is provided to women between the ages of 50 and 70 in the UK. An official saliva test in the UK would cost around 250 pound which could cost tens of millions of pounds to treat alternative breast cancer.


Detailed results of this study have been published in Genetics in Medicine, which found that mutations in the BARCA1 and BARCA2 genes in women with breast cancer cause mutations in the disease. This increases the risk of developing the disease. BARCA1 mutations increase the risk of Uterine and Colon cancer BARCA2 can increase the risk of Stomach and Gallbladder cancer.

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