“Please Watch My Film” Aamir Khan Requested Fans

As we know that Aamir Khan is known as Mr. Perfectionist in Bollywood. Aamir Khan is called Mr. Perfectionist because every movie of his is a hit. Aamir Khan is also called the king of the box office because each of his films does business of crores in one day. He also announced the release of his film after a long time. This film will be released in Hindi as well as in Telugu. The name of the film is Laal Singh Caddha. It has been decided to release on the week of Independence Day.

The trailer of this film was released last month, but many controversies have started before the release of the film. Along with this #BoycotLaalSinghCaddha has been trending on social media for several days. After this news, Aamir Khan himself came in front of the people and gave a clarification in this matter. In response to all these controversies, Aamir Khan requested his fans not to boycott his film. ‘Please Watch My Film’ Aamir Khan requested Fans. Aamir Khan expressed his sadness on his fans reaction. He said that behind this whole matter are those who think that I have a personal enmity towards Hindustan.

There are many reasons for boycotting the film. The main part of the reason for this is that the film deals with the Hindu-Muslim conflict. Aamir Khan is also being politically involved in controversy. #BoycotLaalSinghCaddha has been used more than 2 lacs times on social media. Two weeks are left for the release of the film but due to the current controversies and talks, the cast of the film is in a lot of trouble. ‘Please watch my film’ Aamir Khan requested fans and said don’t boycott my film. Amir Khan also urges his fan to end the controversies about his upcoming film.

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