Pakistani Thriller Movie ‘Carma’ soon hits the screen

Pakistan’s films industry is in the path of progress. The films that were released after the corona situation have also play an important role in the development of Pakistani film industry such as Quaid-E-Azam Zindabad, London Nahi Jaunga, Chakkar etc. The main character of these films also shows best qualities of their acting in their films. Another welcome addition to the Pakistan’s film industry is the film “Carma” which is based on the crime thriller kidnapping. It is the first Pakistani thriller film. Its highlights is that it will provide thrilling content to the fans. Pakistani thriller movie ‘Carma’ soon hits the big screen.

Release Date Of Movie ‘Carma’

For a very long time only romance and comedy films were being made in Pakistan. In “Carma” the fans will get to see something different. This Film hits the big screen on 2 September 2022. After the release date of film have revealed, fans become excited and awaited. It is first ever new revenge crime thriller production in Pakistan. The trailer of the movie is also well like by netizens. It is a full of sensational content. The fans also give the good impression in this new addition in film industry. This is a new experience in Lollywood. This movie is by Dream Station Production which is directed by ‘Kashan Admani’ and the writer of this film is ‘Fawad Hai’. Hope that it will also do good business at the box office. Pakistani thriller movie ‘Carma’ soon hits the big screen and break all the previous records.

Cast Of The Movie ‘Carma’

The cast of the film includes amazing stars Adnan Siddiqui, Zhalay Sharhadi , Osama Tahir and Naveen Waqar as the couple. The complete cast of the film is amazing and makes all efforts to bring this film on another level. The story of the film is very amazing and full of suspense. The main story of the film is all around the kidnapping. A man is kidnap by three members of the dangerous gang and they take him hostage in a car. They also do a lot of voilance to him. But this, which seems to be case of kidnapping is actually the revenge. The actual revenge of the father against the sons.

In this movie the scenes during kidnapping is link with impactful scenes from the past. Fans will also see the vehicular adventures in this film. There is also a special twist for fans. This movie is not only sensational but also sheds light on some other topics that are common in today’s society including child Labour, Adultery, Women Empowerment and Greed. The writer Fawad Hai said that this film act an important role in Pakistan’s cinema development. He also request fan to support this film.

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