Pakistani film Tich Button To Be Release In October 2022

The film industry in Pakistan has got a lot of boost in recent time. A few years ago, the Pakistani film industry was not as famous as it is today. At present Pakistan film industry is working very strongly. Hope that in the next few years it will be on the path of great growth. There are many well-known actors of Pakistan who entertain us with their films every year. These actors often see us in drama serials. Every year on the occasion of Eid, whether it is Eid Ul Fitar or Eid Ul Adha, these actors entertain us with their films. Now soon a new Pakistani film Tich Button to be release in October 2022.

On the occasion of Eid, every actor tries to provide entertainment to people with their films. People have holidays and everyone plans to go out with their family. Many people have even booked these movies in advance so that they don’t have any problem at the time. Recently, Eid-ul-Zah has passed and Pakistani actors have released their films on this Eid, in which the famous Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed and actress Mehwish Hayat have worked as the cast of a film. The name of his film is London Nahi Jaunga. People have liked his movie very much and on the other hand, another movie was released which is of famous actor Fahad Mustafa and actress Mahira Khan. The name of this film is Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad Hai. Both the films were released especially for Eid and people liked these films very much.

Release Date Of Film Tich Button

Another very good film was also to be released by the Pakistani industry, which could not be completed due to some problems. The name of this film is Tich Button. In this film, singer and actor Farhan Saeed and Feroze Khan will appear as actors. The delay in the release of this film was due to Corona, as you know, Corona had gripped the whole world and not only Pakistan industry but also Hollywood and Bollywood. Due to Corona, there were many big projects that were stopped and now these projects have been restarted in 2022. This continuously gap also created many difficulties and its many negative effects were also created on every film industry. Now after a long time it has been reported by the actors that the Pakistani film Tich Button to be release in October 2022.

Teaser Of The Film Tich Button

The teaser of the film Tich button was released in February 2020 and the possibility was that this film will be released on Eid-ul-Fitr this year. But due to the corona epidemic, cinemas etc. were also closed. Due to this reason, this film was also stopped like other films. The shooting of this film was started in 2018. The effort was to release this film on the big screen at the end of 2019. But this could not be possible.

Director Of The Film Tich Button

This has been confirmed by the director of the film himself. The director of the film, Qasim Ali Mured, made it clear to the fans on his Instagram story that the film will be released very soon. Along with this, the actors of the film have also given good news to their fans on social media that the wait is about to end and the film will be released soon. Galaxy Lollywood specifically clarified that the film Teach Button will release in October this year. Along with the directors and actors, many people from the cast of the film have confirmed the release of the film soon.

Cast Of The Film Tich Button

The cast of the film will feature Farhan Saeed and Feroze Khan as actors, along with Iman Ali and Sonya Hussain as actress. Singer and actor Farhan Saeed, we have heard him sing songs many times. The Ost of many drama serials made by him becomes famous. Now along with this he will be seen in films for the first time. The film Tich button is the first film of Farhan Saeed. The producer of this film is his wife Urwa Hocane.

One of the reasons for the delay in this film was that at the recent times, the news of Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane separation was heard. For this reason, the film got a little delayed. The news of separation between the two actresses was going on for two years. But both of them have not confirmed it yet. The news of their separation was not so much as it went viral. But along with the news of their separation came the news that they have reconciled and are back together.

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