Pakistan Ex PM Imran Khan injured in assassination attempt

Pakistan Ex PM Imran Khan has been injured in an apparent assassination attempt after a shooter fire at his Long march in Punjab. The shooting took place near Allah Ho Chowk in Wazirabad, where the Ex Prime minister was traveling in a large caravan of cars heading towards the capital, Islamabad. Imran Khan is regulating the Long march from his political rural to the Islamabad, to challenge the current Prime minister Shahbaz Sharif’s government and give ultimatum early elections. According to Imran Khan’s party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, the ex-prime minister was injured but not seriously. Faisal Javed and Ahmed Chattha, both members of Imran Khan’s party, were also injured in the attack. As a result of a vote of no-confidence in April, the unseat leader is marching for the second time this year. Pakistan Ex PM Imran Khan injured in assassination attempt.

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