Negative impact on health of skipping breakfast

In the present time, people often do dieting to reduce their weight. Most people do not eat anything all day and consider this routine as dieting. On the contrary, according to a new research, it has been made clear that breakfast in the morning is even more important for human health. Morning breakfast gives so many benefits to human health that even the whole day’s food cannot give. According to this research, very important things have been revealed about breakfast. First of all, there are many negative impact on health of skipping breakfast. Skipping breakfast can lead to many negative impacts including anxiety, irritability etc. There are many negative impacts of skipping breakfast.

A survey was conducted in Spain in which parents of 3,700 children were asked about their daily routine. On the other hand, a research was also done on how eating habits affected their mind. The children who were included in this survey ranged in age from about 5 years to 15 years. From this research, it is clear that if children do not have a good breakfast, they face many negative impacts on their health.

Negative impact on health of skipping breakfast. Skipping breakfast causes many harmful effects on child health physically and mentally.

Another thing is clear here that the morning breakfast which removes the deficiency in the human body cannot be reduce by eating all day. On the other hand, another very important thing has become clear that if breakfast is taken from a cafes or restaurant on the way to school or college, then the negative impacts still cannot be solved. To solve these problems, having breakfast at home should be the first priority. There are many negative impacts of skipping breakfast.

Dr. Jose Francisco Research On Breakfast

The survey was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Jose Francisco and also showed that eating breakfast is not the only thing that is important for human health. Equally important is where we eat and what we choose to eat. Negative impact on health of skipping breakfast can cause psychological problems in children and youngsters. A survey conducted in Spain asked parents of children about their children’s mood and anxiety. The survey found that breakfast eaten in cafes and restaurants are low in energy and less nutritious as compared to home-cooked meals. A 31% chance of children are developing mental problems due to inadequate breakfast. In comparison, if breakfast is consume with things like eggs and butter, this risk is reduce by 45%.

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