Monkeypox A New Virus Spreads On The World

Corona has not yet been completely eliminate from the world. At the same time a new virus has emerged which has been named Monkeypox. The virus was reported in many parts of Africa after 1970, but was soon eliminate. Monkeypox a new virus spreads on the world and effects the whole world. In 2003, there were 81 cases of the virus in the United States, but no deaths were reported. The virus, which was transferred to humans, is being called a very dangerous virus. Its effects have been felt in the African city of Congo, which has affected a large number of people. The cases of the virus have been reported in more than a dozen countries. These including the United States, Canada, Spain, Australia and London. Symptoms include headache, sore throat, fever, back pain, swelling, etc.
When there is a fever, rashes appear on the skin which start from the face and spread all over the body, which also causes a lot of itching. Monkeypox enters the human body through the eyes, nose or mouth and can also be reach by monkeys. No specific vaccine has yet been develop to prevent the virus, but laboratories around the world have begun developing a vaccine for the virus. Monkeypox a new virus spreads on the world and make a huge effect on the whole Planet.

Monkeypox Virus On Hand and Arm

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