Imran Khan look forward to address at Oxford Union

Former PM Imran Khan look forward to address the Oxford Union on October 25th. Imran Khan is also among the list of guest speakers invited to address the Oxford Union. Imran Khan will be addressing in the third week of Oxford Union Michaelmas in Oct 2022. President of Oxford Union, APS survivor Ahmed Nawaz announced on Twitter about the list of personalities on Friday. Imran Khan will be joining other speakers, including Malala Yousafzai and many others. Former Prime Minister fans and followers are celebrating the news.

They also hit out by PML N leader Maryam Nawaz who had asked for strict action against the head of the GC University Lahore. Earlier this week, Imran Khan addressed a gathering of students at GC University Lahore. A huge number of students attended the orientation event of ‘Taleem and Hunar Saath Saath’ organized by the Punjab Information Technology Board in collaboration with GCU Lahore. Imran Khan in his speech, took hard-hitting jibes at his political opposition. Videos circulating on social media showed the very huge number of students who attended the event. After the news have been revealed that Imran Khan look forward to address at Oxford Union. Now the followers of the Imran Khan asked PMLN leader to also take action against Oxford union.

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