Imran khan Demands A New Election Date To The Govt

Imran Khan has announced to end the long march. At the same time he gives ultimatum of 6 days to the present government. Imran Khan demands a new election date to the govt. He said that in any case new elections should be held in June. Imran Khan had announced the Long March on 25th May 2022 in which he had asked the people to leave their respective cities and come to Islamabad D-Chowk. Imran Khan himself led the long March from Peshawar and a large number of people entered Islamabad D-Chowk at night.

Many steps were taken by the present government to stop the long March. A state of emergency had been declared across the country since then. Containers were set up in cities to prevent people from going to Islamabad. This caused a lot of difficulties to the people. But the people did not give up and left for Islamabad. Imran Khan was warmly appreciate by all at night. In case of an emergency in the country, Imran Khan also thanked the people who took part in the long march for leaving the house in spite of all the difficulties. He also decided to cancel the Long March and also gives ultimatum of 6 day. Imran Khan demands a new election to the govt and Imran Khan said we would again enter Islamabad with a large number of caravans if the election date was not announce in 6 days.

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