Faisal Akhtar song ‘Kamli’ Becomes popular among fans

Music has always had something special about it that attracts its listeners. Music and romance have a very close relation that people still like their combination and are attracted to it. Famous composer Ahmed Jahanzeb composed the music of a new song ‘Kamli’ and it sung by PakistaniAmerican singer Faisal Akhtar. Faisal Akhtar song ‘Kamli’ becomes very popular among the fans and the popularity of the song is also increasing day by day. Singer Faisal Akhtar also confirmed in his conversation that the video of ‘Kamli’ song has been shot in Dubai. The song will also feature many international models which makes the video of the song even more attractive. Watching ‘Kamli’ song video will feel like watching a scene from a Bollywood movie. The video of the song also composes in such a way that the viewers attracts.

The singer further says that we made the video of the song according to fans current interest. Because nowadays people like to listen to the song as well as watch it. He also said that since 25 years I have been doing concerts in different states of America and I am creating the magic of my voice in them. People still give me a lot of respect and happiness, for which I am grateful to them from the depth of my heart. About music, he said that music also has a deep effect on the heart. Music fans got to see singers Faisal Akhtar and Ahmed Jahanzeb together for the first time. Faisal Akhtar song ‘Kamli’ becomes popular among fans and the fans are also very impress by this song.

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