Best 5 Special Recipes For You On This Eid Ul Adha

As the day of Eid Ul Adha is approaching and, it is the Eid of sacrifice. The special thing of this Eid is that meat makes in every house of Pakistan. Now everyone makes something of their own taste. Some people make Karahi. Some people make Keema. Different kind of dishes are make. The first day of the Eid Ul Adha is the day of sacrifice. Now people try to be free by offering sacrifices etc. on the first day of Eid. There are best 5 special recipes for you on eid ul adha that can make your day amazing. On the second day of Eid, family get together is compulsory in every house. Delicious food is prepare in every house. BBQ parties organizes at night.

The people of Pakistan are very eager to eat. Pakistan is also called the land of food. Therefore, if this Eid is called the Eid of food rather than sacrifice, then it cannot be wrong. There is a feast program everywhere. Family functions held at everywhere. In many houses there is a debate as to what should be make. The elders of our house can easily eat meat etc. but the younger ones hardly like meat etc. today.

Today you will be told about the best 5 special recipes for you on eid ul adha that you can make in your home on Eid. There are best 5 special recipes for you on eid ul adha. These dishes will eat comfortably by adults as well as younger ones and you will also have a lot of fun. After choosing these dishes, you can make your tablecloth better. The list of best 5 special recipes for you on eid ul adha are as following:

Achari Beef Chilli

On Eid, most of the dishes prepare with mutton. Most of the people like to eat mutton. In these dishes, mutton, korma, mutton, karahi, etc. are more favorite for every one. Also, many people likes beef, so beef dishes cannot be neglect. If you want to choose a dish of beef, there can be no more delicious dish than acahri beef chilli. This is a dish that even mutton fans will also enjoy.

Ingredients Of Achari Beef Chilli

Celery 1/4 teaspoon, Chopped red chilli, Turmeric 1/4 teaspoon, Salt as required, Cumin teaspoon, Green onion 4 tbsp, Beef half a kg, Ginger paste 1 tbsp, Garlic paste 1 tbsp, Capsicum 2 tbsp, Garlic 1 tablespoon, Oil half cup, Tomato 2 tbsp, rye half teaspoon, Fennel one tablespoon.

Recipe Of Achari Beef Chilli

Boil the beef herb and ginger garlic well until it is well melted. When the beef herb is well melted, then fry the beef herb well in hot oil. Now add tomato, red chilli, celery, chopped red chilli, turmeric, salt, garlic, cumin etc. and fry it. Now your beef chilli is ready. Then add pickle as required. Before serving, put capsicum and green chilies on it. Serve it with Peshawari Roti in front of the guests.

Kabab Karahi

Karahi is a desi dish of Pakistan that everyone is eager to eat. Karahi enjoys by everyone from adults to children. When there is a function in the homes or the guests are coming, the karahi is chosen in every house because it is the only dish that everyone can eat comfortably. The karahi makes in many ways like Chicken karahi, Mutton karahi, Beef karahi etc.

This type of karahi makes in every home but the karahi we are talking about today is a little different. This is the reason why this karahi is superior to all other karahi. The karahi we are going to talk about today is a kabab karahi. Many people may have heard its name but very few people will have eaten it. This karahi is superior to everything else. So today you will be teach all the ingredients of kebab karahi and complete method of making it.

Ingredients Of Kabab

Beef keema, Egg 1, Onion 1, Green Chilies 7, Roasted gram 2 tablespoons, Mint, Green coriander chopped 1 cup, Crushed red pepper one tablespoon, White cumin 1 tablespoon, Bread crumbs 4 tablespoons, Crushed hot Spices, Crushed garlic, Ginger, Salt, Oil to fry as required.

Ingredients Of Karahi

Onion 2 tablespoon, Tomato 6 tablespoon, Ginger 1 tablespoon, Garlic, White Cumin 1 tablespoon, Hot Spices Grind 1 tablespoon, Red Chili Half tablespoon, Turmeric 1/2 tablespoon, Green Chilies 6 tablespoon, Oil 1/2 Cup, Salt as required.

Recipe Of Kabab Karahi

Combine kabab ingredients, mix them well. Then make long kababs and place in freezer for 15 to 20 minutes. Then heat oil, fry onion, garlic and ginger till golden color appears. Add red chilli, turmeric, hot spices, cumin, salt, tomato, fry on high heat. Heat oil and fry the kababs when red color appears. When it turns red, add it to the karahi. Now mix green chilies and put it on the tail. Kabab karahi is ready. Now put coriander and green chillies on top of it. Serve it with Peshawari roti.

Special Keema Shimla Mirch

On Eid days, most people eat mutton. Some people also prepare beef dishes. But the elders of the house still prefer Keema. For those who do not eat karahi because of oil or any other reason, there is no better dish than keema for them. Keema makes in almost every home. Some people make Acahri keema. Some people make keema with pepper, but today I will teach you how to make a different kind of keema. You can also add this keema to your Eid special dishes. This will make your table look even better.

Ingredients Of Special Keema Shimla Mirch

Keema 1 kg, Salt, Red chilli, Capsicum 1 kg ,Turmeric 1 tablespoon, Coriander 1 tablespoon, Onion 4, Ghee 1 tablespoon, Tomatoes 4 to 5, Chopped green coriander.

Recipe Of Special Keema Shimla Mirch

Fry the onion in the ghee for a few minutes, then add the keema and fry for a few minutes. Put all the spices in the keema, then add water to melt the keema. Take small pieces of capsicum and put it on the keema, chop the tomato finely, then fry it well, then add the chilies. Now the special keema shimla mirch is ready. Serve with coriander and chilies. Serve it with tandoori roti. The special keema shimla mirch will be seen separately on the tablecloth.

Achar Gosht

On Eid days, there are some foods which are compulsory to make in every house. This dish also makes on normal days but there is no house on Eid days where achar gosht is not make. If achar gosht is consider among the most made dishes in Pakistan, it would not be wrong.

Recipe Of Achar Gosht

Meat Half a kg, Garlic 1 teaspoon, Oil 1 cup, Green Chilies, Ginger, Fenugreek seeds, Salt 1 teaspoon, White Cumin, Onion 1, red chili powder, Celery, Fennel.

Ingredients Of Achar Gosht

Fry the onion till golden colour appears. Now add ginger, garlic and meat and fry it. Now when the meat water is well dried, add salt and pepper to the curd and mix it well. Put all this mixture on the meat. When there is a little bit of yoghurt left, add all the spices in it. When the yoghurt water is dry, fry 8 green chillies and put it in the meat. Now put it on the tail for a few minutes. Now the achar gosht is ready. Before serving it, put green coriander and chilies on it. Serve it with rogni naan or Peshawari roti. This dish will be very much liked by the guests.

BBQ Lamb Chop

If there is an opportunity for Eid and BBQ is not arranged in the house, it is not possible. Just like other dishes are national dishes of Pakistan, it is also mandatory to have BBQ on Eid in Pakistan. It is mandatory to do BBQ in every home. Friends also plan BBQ together. BBQ is different from karahi and keema, so the table looks a little different. Today you will be told to make BBQ long chops.

Ingredients Of BBQ Lamb Chop

Lamb chops 14 piece, Paprika powder 2 tablespoon, Red chilli powder, Pepper 1 tablespoon, Ginger powder, Salt, Ginger powder 2 tablespoon, Garlic paste, Green sauce 2 tablespoon, Hot spice powder.

Recipe Of BBQ Lamb Chop

Dilute the chops first, then take a bowl and mix the yoghurt well in it. Add all the spices in it, now marinate the chops for 3 to 4 hours, Now marinate the chops for 3 to 4 hours. Grill the chops and place them on the coals. Use chopped onion and lemon to serve. Make mint sauce with it.

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